TITAN Academy is a training division of Agentura, SE and is the civilian equivalent of the Anti Terror Academy, which is focused exclusively on professional training of state armed forces.

The Titan Academy has a sophisticated SF-UCS training training system designed for the general shooting public. Shooting-tactical procedures are developed and designed to prepare the course participant for extraordinary situations, that may occur in real life. SF-UCS is an Anti Terror Academy training system, which is primarily intended for members of special forces. Within TITAN, we present its basic principles without physical exhaustion. It is about gaining the right drills and skills needed for personal defense and the defense of loved ones.


Our approach is always professional, whether you are a beginner or an experienced shooter.


The team of instructors consists solely of former members of the armed forces.


Courses are provided at exclusive training centre, equipped with indoor killing house.


Courses are within principles of Special Forces Ultimate Combat System (SF-UCS).


During our courses we create real scenarios, as close to reality as possible.


Shooting club TITAN, organising shooting events and offering broad spectre of benefits.

"Titan Academy courses are conducted in a friendly and professional manner"

Our Courses

Academy TITAN covers everything, what you could expect from shooting and tactical training. We will prepare you for exams to obtain a weapon permitt, we will teach you shooting-tactical procedures based on the SF-UCS methodology, or we will prepare you for shooting competitions such as IPSC, LOS and others. For VIP clients, there is also a Shooting club of the same name TITAN, which will not only organize shooting competitions, but also bring exclusive benefits to its members.