We have prepared a certification shooting course - pistol, ending with a final exam. Certification for us is provided by Anti Terror Academy, which has been training special forces around the world since 2002 and is one of the world's leaders in professional training.
The content of the course is the practice of shooting techniques and skills, which will then be the subject of a practical test. Participation in the certification course is not conditioned by an earlier visit to our shooting courses. Only the participant who completes the following shooting exercises will receive the certificate.



1. Aimed shooting / two-handed distance 5m, target size circle 5 cm. Number of shots 10. No time limit. Passed: 7 hits. Failed - 6 and less.
2. Aimed shooting / two-handed, distance 5m, target size circle 5 cm - all after running 20 m, total time including run is 25 sec, number of shots 5 Passed: 3 hits in the time limit. Failed: 2 or less or more hits, but with time exceeded.
3. Shooting with pulling the weapon from the holster, hands along the body, one-handed, distance 5m, 5xx, the size of the target only the head. Completed - 4 hits in 2 sec. Failed - less than 4 or more hits but with timed time.
4. Shooting with drawing and reloading, distance 5m, 3 shots per circle size 13.5cm, mandatory reloading and shooting 2 shots per circle 8.5cm. Time 10sec. Completed - 100% hits within the time limit.
5. Weapon dissassembly, 5 separate rounds, magazine outside the weapon. Distance 5m. Assembl the weapon, fill the magazine and fire 5 shots at the IPSC target. Total time  35sec. Passed: 100% hits of Alfa IPSC's targets within the time limit.
6. Shooting after changing shooting positions standing, kneeling, lying on your back. Distance 5m, 2 shots standing, 2 kneeling and 2 lying on their backs. IPSC target, time 12 sec. Passed: 100% hits of Alfa's interventions within the time limit.

For those of you who do not want to participate in the entire preparatory course, but only want to pass the certification, the start is at 3 pm on the day of the certification course. The price of the certification is 1000 CZK, the corrective variant on the same day is 500 CZK. Write a note in the application - certification only


    Price: 119 €







    Weapon handling

    Weapon rental (13€ extra)

    Ammo purchase (33€ extra)


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